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The Alora and the Knightlys Trilogy | A.J. Medina

The Alora and the Knightlys Trilogy contains books 1-3 of “The Alora and the Knightlys” series.

Book 1: Alora and the Knightlys
Book 2: Alora and the Dragon Wizard
Book 3: Alora and the Three Kingdoms

Her story begins…
Alora lives on a farm with her mother and step father.
Age: Sixteen seasons.
Wants: More to life than doing chores.
When she finds out that the king is calling for volunteers for his army, she decides she has to go, no matter what.
And so begins her journey. A journey filled with knights, magic, and deception.

From the Author

Hi there!

I see you’ve found my site. The purpose of which is to let you know what books I have available and where to find me on the net.

A little about me…

I like, nay love, fairy tales and fantasy. Ooh, and time travel. I tend to find almost anything that has time travel in it very, very entertaining. And if you must know, Doctor Who is one of my all time favorite shows.

Ok, maybe you didn’t need to know that.

Anyway, enjoy my books and don’t forget to sign up to my list. Be the first to know when I release a new book, and you’ll also receive short stories in your email whenever I write them. My books and stories tend to lean towards fantasy, fairy tales, myths, legends, Grimm style stories, time travel, and pretty much whatever enters my mind. Enjoy!